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Equalizer & Bass Booster app download for Android

Equalizer & Bass Booster App Description

Improve the sound quality of your android device with the first true global



Bass Boost


Surround Sound

. Make your android device sound like never before.

Equalizer & Bass Booster consists of a volume slider, live music stereo led VU meter, five-band Equalizer, Bass Booster, and Virtualizer effects.

Equalizer & Bass Booster lets you adjust sound effect levels so that you get the best out of your




coming out of your phone.

Use with headphones for the best results.


* Five-band Equalizer

* Bass Boost effect

* Virtualizer effect

* 22 Equalizer presets or adjust your own preset and save it

* Media volume control

* Stereo led VU meter

* Turn on or off with notification bar

* Music control: play/stop, next/previous song

Works with most music player, video player and radio FM.

Simple Installation and usage:

1. Effect for Music or Audio

* Turn on the Music player and play your music

* Turn on the Equalizer & Bass Booster application and adjust sound level and frequency.

* Put headphones for the best results

*To close the application and remove from Status Bar, long-press the application close button.

2. Effect for video

* Just like effect for Music or Audio, adjust the sound level and frequency, then, let it run in the background.

* Turn on the Video player and play your video

* You will get a better sound effect for video

Android 4.4+

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